College Library

Being academic libraries are the back bone of any academic system, College Administrative Authorities have been giving due importance to the planning and development of our College Library.  A multi storied independent, professionally well designed spacious building with sufficient library standard furniture, natural light and air circulation, electrification and storage facilities is using for this purpose. They ensure updating of collection, training for library staff and satisfaction of users.


Hours of opening

The College Library shall be open all day from 09.15 AM to 04.30 PM without any break except Second Saturdays, Sundays, Regional/District/State/Central Public Holidays and other days as decided by the College Authorities. The Circulation section shall be remaining kept closed 15 minutes before closing of College Library.


15000+ Books, 30+ Journals, more than 30 Periodicals, Repositories of Question Papers, Journals and Periodicals are available. DDC System ensures easy identification of documents. KOHA and GREEN STONE are using to automate, digitalize, and retrieve library collections and for routine in-house-operations.

Idukki Shelf

An exclusive collection on Idukki District: climate, migration, irrigation, agriculture, constructions, civilizations, education and so on; is the special feature of our collection

Digital Structure

We freely offer a gate way to the world of enormous e-resources through UGC-INFLIBENT consortium. 12 PC with High Speed internet connection accelerates the capability of digital atmosphere. Besides a large collection of multimedia is also arranged in an easy retrieval way.

Sections and Services

Circulation         -Charging and Discharging of Documents

Acquisition        -Acquire useful Documents

Reference         -Journals & Books of high information value and rare nature.

Referral             -Direction to right source of information

Serials              -Journals, Dailies, Weeklies, Monthlies and other periodicals

Maintenance      -Binding and preparation of documents for circulation

Technical          -Classification and Cataloguing of Documents

Stacks              -Books Racks arranged by subject wise and in rows

Reading            -Arranged 60 comfortable seats supporting long reading. Separate are for reference reading

CAS                 -Current Awareness Service

SDI                   -Selective Dissemination of Information

DRAI                -Digital Resource Awareness Initiative