Department of Physical Education

MES College has got a very proud tradition of sports and it can claim among its alumni sportsmen of national reputation. The college provides ample facilities for Volleyball, Cricket, Kabaddi, Athletics and martial arts. It also has a well-equipped health club with excellent facilities, open to the public as well.

MES College stands on top in sports achievements among the colleges under the Mahatma Gandhi University. With vibrant sports culture from its inception, the department of Physical Education of the college has proved its distinction in many other games by winning the different University and State tournaments.

Vision & Mission

Department of Physical Education is focused on the development of student: physical, mental, and intellectual level. Programs within the department are interdisciplinary by nature and combine the fields of education and social sciences. The department is dedicated to providing a high quality education and career preparation with the idea of excellent teaching being the central to our mission.

List of Faculty Members

Assistant Professor& Head Of The Department

M.P.Ed., M.Phil.

Mob : 8086727032

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Minor Research Projects

Principal Investigator : Mr. ANOOP NAZEER
Project Title : Combined effect of resistance training on performance related variables among young volleyball players.Project Report
Project Period : 2015
Project Amount : Rs. 275000
Project Status : Completed
Funding Agency : UGC